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False Tuned | About
What a difference our sound makes!
Profile False Tuned: that's anything but false. Negation turns into affirmation, the start of a positive progressive movement. False Tuned tunes in, to exciting discoveries of unheard sounds, rhythms, voices and lyrics, based on the rich world of reggae.
Founded in 2000 by Paul St.Hilaire formerly known as "Tikiman", False Tuned is a branch of Berlin's ground breaking lable Basic Channel. Dub grooves, scraps, echos, deep melodies, jazz and ambient influences - False Tuned is open to a wide range of styles to create a new art of sound, committed to the Caribbean tradition of handmade, human and spiritual music.
In a close network with partners worldwide and always linked up to his roots in the Caribbean island Dominica, Paul St.Hilaire offers with his lable a platform to create the reggae of tomorrow. Jah rules! Distribution: Germany
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