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False Tuned | FT006 Details
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FT006 | Released 2008 |
La Valse de la Vie
Next time you're challenged to name ten famous Belgians, try Jean-Marie Aerts. He has spent nearly half his life in the studio; worked with an astounding array of artists; covered so much musical territory that the term "eclectic" is frankly somewhat insulting. As a musician-composer-producer he keeps developing his hunger for experiment and enjoys rubbing against the grain of normality. Roots music, and that of a Caribbean elasticity in particular, has provided a major influence on Aerts. This is amply demonstrated throughout this record: guitar-soaked, woolly-bassed, drifting-rhythmed, warmly-voiced offerings. It's the guest appearances with renowned Rhythm & Sound collaborator Paul St. Hilaire, DJ DNA (Urban Dance Squad), Veve Mazimpaka (La Fille d'Ernest) and Jean-Marie's less-is-more approach that grant this music authenticity and the requisite warmth. Aerts pieces together the tracks from the result of sessions in his basic home studio.
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